Criterion Supportive Documents (2022-23)

1.1.1 – The Institution ensures effective curriculum delivery through a well planned and documented.pdf
1.1.2 – The institution adheres to the academic calendar including for the conduct of Continuous.pdf
1.2.1. B.Pharm.pdf
1.2.1.M. Pharm.pdf
1.2.1.Pharm. D.pdf
1.3.2 – Number of courses that include experiential learning through project workfield.pdf

2.2.1 Catering to Student Diversity
2.3.1 Student Centric Methods
2.3.2 ICT enabled tools
2.5.1. Mechanism For Internal Assessment
2.5.2. Mechanism To Deal internal examination
2.6.1 PO and PSO
2.6.2. CO PO Mapping.pdf
2.6.1. Programme and Course outcomes

4.1.1 Infrastructure and physical facilities for teaching learning.

4.1.2 Facilities for cultural activities, sports, games.

4.1.3 Number of classrooms and seminar halls with ICT- enabled facilities such as smart class, LMS, etc.

4.2.1 Library is automated using Integrated Library Management System ( ILMS) Library use by teachers and students

4.3.1 computer details

4.4.2 Systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic facilities

5.1.1 Scholarship 22-23 self attested.pdf

5.1.3 Capacity Building And Skills Enhancement Initiatives 22-23 – Number of students benefitted by guidance for competitive examinations and career 22-23
5.3.2 Institution Students Representation 22-23
5.4.1 Registered Alumni Association

7.1.1 Sanitization Action Plan
7.1.1 Specific facilities provided for women in terms of Safety and security
7.1.2 The Institution has facilities for alternate sources of energy and energy conservation measures
7.1.3 Describe the facilities in the Institution for the management of the following types of degradable and non-degradable waste
7.1.4 Water conservation facilities available
7.1.5 Notice of Automobile
7.1.5 Notice of Plastic ban Green campus initiatives include
7.1.7 The Institution has disabled-friendly, barrier free environment
7.1.8 Institutional efforts towards cultural, regional
7.1.9 Institution rights and duties
7.1.10 Code of Conducts
7.2 Best practices