1.1.2 The institute adheres to Academic Calender Number of programmes in which CBCS Elective Course system

1.3.3 No. of students understanding project work 2022-23

1.4.1 Feedback on Syllabus


2.2.1 Catering to student diversity

2.3.1 Student Centric Methods 2022-23

2.3.2 ICT enabled tools for effective teaching-learning process

2.5.1 Mechanism of internal assessment

2.5.1 Mechanism of internal assessment

2.5.2 Mechanism to deal with internal examination related grievances

2.6.1 PO and PSO

2.6.1 Course outcomes for all programmers (UG & PG) offered by

3 Research and Institute Innovation

3 Research and Institute Innovation

3.2.2 Number of Workshop Seminar

3.3.1 PhD registration process

3.4.1 Extension activities

3.4.1 Number of extension and outreach Programmes 2021-22

3.5.1 Number of Collaborative activities for research, Faculty exchange, Student exchange internship during the year 2021-22


4.2.1 Library info

4.4.2 Maintenance

4.3.1 IT Infrastructure new


5 NAAC Criteria-5

5.1.1 Scholarship self attested 2022-23

5.1.1 scholarship 22-23 self attested

5.1.3 Capacity Building Program 21-22

5.1.3 Capacity Building Program 22-23

5.3.2 Institution Facilitates Students Representation

5.3.2 Student representation and student council 2022-23

5.3.3 number of sports and cultural event-1

5.4.1 Alumni Registration and contribution 2021-2022

5.4.1 Registered Alumni Association 2022-23


6.1.1 Nature of Governance

6.2 Service Rules

6.2.1 Institutional Strategic Perpsective

6.3.1 Effective Welfare Measures for Teaching and non-teaching

6.3.5 Institution Performance Application Appraisal form for teaching and non – teaching staff

6.4.1 Internal External Financial Audit

6.4.2 Internal External Financial Audit 17-18

6.4.3 Mobilization of fund

6.5.1 MoU signed with Hospital

6.5.2 Activites Performed Thought IQAC

6.5.3 Quality assurance initiatives of the institution

6.5.3 Quality assurance initiatives of the institution



7.1.1 Specific facilities provided for women in terms of Safety and security


7.1.2 Institution has facilities for alternate sources of

7.1.3 Describe the facilities in the Institution

7.1.4 Photo

7.1.5 Green campus initiative policies POLICIES

7.1.5 Geotagged photographs for green campus initiative

7.1.6 Quality audits on environment and energy are regularly undertaken by the institution

7.1.7 The Institution has disabled-friendly, barrier free environment

7.1.8 Describe the Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment

7.1.9 Sensitization of students and employees of the Institution to the Constitutional obligations

7.1.10 Code of conduct

7.1.10 Certificate Registration

7.1.11 Institution celebrates / organizes national and international commemorative days, events and festivals

7.2. Best practices

7.3.2 Plan of action for the next academic year

Decisions circulated for implementation

Policies for Handicap Students

Geotagged Photographs for Green Campus

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Audit Report 17-18

Audit Report 18-19

Audit Report 19-20

Audit Report 20-21

Audit Report 21-22

Important PDF

1.Experiential learning.pdf

2.The Institution ensures effective curriculum delivery.pdf

3.Teachers of the Institution participate.pdf

4.Academic Calender University 2021-2022.pdf

5.Add on Program.pdf

6.Academic Calender institute 2021-2022.pdf

7.Number of Programmes in elective.pdf


9.Add on Program.pdf